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The best astrology apps to uncover your natal chart




Co-Star is perhaps the most commonly download astrology guide in the app store, and while it has gotten a bad rap by astrologists, it’s where you’re likely to find most of your friends.

So, for that reason alone, it’s worth downloading so you can stalk your mutual’s charts and find out essential information about their personalities – and pls, use that info for good and not evil.

You may also be surprised to find out the data used on Co-Star is from NASA and other professional astrologers, which means it can gift you with personalised daily horoscopes that are pretty accurate.

Also, forgive us for being vapid. It’s also the prettiest app on this list because it features beautiful illustrations, which make it aesthetically pleasing to return to.

Unfortunately, for those of you seeking to delve deeper into degrees, trines and other synastry charts, the information on Co-Star may not be sufficient.



Time Passages

Time Passages is a nuanced look at astrology playing out in real-time for on-the-minute information about your astrological events.

Alongside providing you with in-depth insights into the planets that make up your natal chart, it also delivers detailed analysis into your different aspects – which is incredibly helpful considering they can be hard to navigate on your own.

Another significant element to this app is its updates about moon phases and those pesky Mercury retrogrades – both can really mess up your day if you aren’t conscious of the changing tides (so to speak).

Plus, at Girlfriend, we’re not keen on those Mercury retrogrades, and we mark our diaries three times a year to arm ourselves in anticipation.



Astro Future

Astro Future is a great app for those just starting to get into astrology because it clearly outlines your natal chart and its different transit and synastry charts.

It’s also well suited for visual learners to see how their planets and asteroids are moving through your natal chart.

Astro provides three options for analysis first, your natal chart, second, what transits are currently travelling through your cart, and third, you can add contacts to analyse your dual synastry charts.



Time Nomad

Time Nomad is dedicated to sending you digestible weekly astrology predictions and lessons to help you grasp your understanding of upcoming astrological events, which may affect you more than you like. We’re looking at you, Mercury.

The app tracks your planets, their degrees, minor bodies, and asteroids for real-time analysis.

Unfortunately, it’s a little harder to read than Astro Future because it requires you to memorise the figures for every sign. Plus, it’s an advanced look into your world, which can take a moment to wrap your head around.


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