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Star signs and cannabis strains: September 2021 horoscopes

Do you feel that, Stargazers? A slight chill in the breeze? The crunch of a few leaves under your feet? Autumn is here which means it’s Virgo Season! Tap into the abundance of Earth-sign energy by setting an intention each day this month. You don’t have to get too serious with it, just consider hitting snooze on your morning alarm 14 times instead of 15.

September 6 will feature a new moon in Virgo. On September 10, Venus enters Scorpio — careful, this is a notoriously messy celestial combination. On September 20 there is a full moon in Pisces, and we finish off the blessed month with the Fall Equinox on September 22, and Mercury’s last retrograde of the year on September 26. Turn up the Earth, Wind, & Fire on Spotify and be ready for a cozy month.

Your September Horoscope


Illustration of dark haired woman wearing a flower crown and holding a small weed plant in front of dark blue background

Happy Fall and Happy Birthday, Virgo! This will be a stellar month for you. On September 6, we start things off with a new moon in your sign. This is an excellent, sweet pairing that will have you embracing your soft side. On September 20, there is a full moon in Pisces. Creativity will be at an all-time high. Use it while you have it!

On September 22, we enter Libra season and celebrate the Fall Equinox. This is a great time to pause and reflect on the people we have lost, and the people who have shaped us into who we are. If those important people are still living, reach out and send a note of gratitude. On September 26, your ruler — Mercury — goes into retrograde. Don’t take anything personally, and don’t make any big plans at the end of this month and you should be smooth sailing into October.

September strain: Have your pie and eat it too this month. A bowl of Georgia Pie should do the trick. This is a hybrid strain with a gorgeous aroma and immersive body effects. Users report they love Georgia Pie for its all-over high.


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Illustrated image of scales with plants on each side

Maybe signs of summer still linger where you are, Libra — but fall is well on its way. On September 6, we have a new moon in Virgo. This will open a gentler side of you. Communication will be clear and sweet. Your ruler, Venus, is in direct motion this month and enters Scorpio on September 10. On September 14, Mars enters your sign. These are two tough pairings where finances and love are concerned. On September 20, we start Libra season and celebrate the Fall Equinox! Happy Birthday to some of you Libras!

Things will be brighter at the end of the month. Take a few moments out of your day to celebrate making it through these last two years, which has been a terrible marathon for so many. You’ve survived so much. There’s plenty to celebrate during this special month.  

September strain: This month calls for some deep thought. For assistance in that department, try some Chocolope. This is a sativa strain with delicious chocolate notes and generous buds. Users report they love this strain for its bad mood-busting effects.

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Illustration of a scorpion with a packed bowl of weed

Happy Autumn, Scorpio! Things kick off on September 6 with a new moon in Virgo. Things might be a little bit softer than you’re used to. There will be lots of affection to go around. It’s okay to lean in and enjoy the moment. Your ruler Mars is in direct motion this month, and your modern ruler — Pluto — is in retrograde. As a result, you could feel torn about some major decisions. Consult a trusted friend before investing your time, energy, or money into anything big this month.

On September 20, there is a full moon in Pisces. This is another gentle pairing that should leave you feeling a little bit emotionally vulnerable. This is good! Open up that big, gooey center of yours and let other people see it….

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