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No Tricks, All Treats—These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Halloween

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If you couldn’t tell from the changing leaves and faint scent of pumpkin candles in the air…it’s almost Halloween! I gave you guys some trickery last time (with my predictions for “Worst Halloween”), so here’s a treat: these three zodiac signs in particular are about to have the best Halloween ever. Want to hear more?

Halloween is likely to be a great day for these signs because they’re the ones affected by the best astrological placements that day. Because of the Universe’s blessings, they’ll probably enjoy Halloween feeling grounded, stress-free and generally like life is going their way, even if their 2021 so far has been…otherwise messy.

One of these angles that always indicates synergy is the conjunction. When two planets are in the same sign, an enhancement of that sign’s inherent qualities occurs. The second angle that usually indicates harmony is the opposite. Opposites always attract in the zodiac, so signs directly across from one another complement each other like apples and cinnamon. 

The third angle that encourages “flow” in the zodiac wheel is the trine. This happens when two or more signs land in the same element (either water, earth, air, or fire).

Also to be noted for these predictions are the influences of the Sun (who represents our whole selves), the Moon (who embodies our emotional, intuitive and shadow sides), and Mars (who rules drive, power and aggression if we’re disempowered/in retrograde).

No matter your costume, budget or party plans, for these three signs, Halloween is sorted. Enjoy it!

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Taurus, you’re going to have an amazing Halloween. First, your sign opposes both the transiting Sun and Mars in Scorpio, which means that October 31 is going to shake up your usual cuddle-bug routine in the coolest wayexpect to be lovingly coaxed out of your comfort zone into a more mysterious, intuitive realm.

Your sign also trines the moon in Virgo, keeping you grounded the whole night. Pack a granola bar, stay hydrated and dress warmit’s going to be one for the books.


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Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.


Scorpio, you already live for fall (your time of year starts right before Halloween and ends in late November) but this Halloween is especially good for you. Your sign will conjunct the transiting Sun and Mars, which means your baseline spooky nature will be enhanced.

The Mars conjunction may leave you feeling a little aggressive (Mars tends to do that), so just make sure you’re not weirding people out too much. Love ya, Scorp!


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Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.


Pisces, big holidays are often a challenge for you because of your empathic nature; you tend to soak up other peoples’ feelings so intensely that you neglect your own. But this Halloween, you get a chance to prioritize your own pleasure and playfulness.

The Scorpio Sun and Mars trine your sign, which will deepen your intuitive nature and add a sense of mystery and sensuality to the evening, while that stable Virgo moon secures both of your feet to the ground. Lean in, Pisces!


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