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Here’s what it really means when your sign falls on a zodiac cusp

Let’s be real: astrology is hot. So knowing your zodiac sign is something everyone learns at some point in time.

However, I’m here to set the record straight once and for all: Cusp signs do not exist and are simply a myth. (You’re welcome.) So before you get that zodiac sign tattoo, be sure to consult with an actual astrologer like myself before you end up learning years down the line that you made a glaring mistake.

What is a ‘cusp’ sign?

According to the myth of cusps, people who are born a few days before or after the Sun changes zodiac signs take on the characteristics of both signs — blending them together to gain the best aspects of each sign while leaving out the more troubling ones. Sometimes these people feel that they don’t entirely identify with their specific zodiac sign and “relate more” to the other zodiac sign instead.

For those who are born on the exact day that the Sun shifts from one zodiac sign to the next, they may be uncertain which one to identify as altogether — and often just “choose” what intuitively feels right.  

None of that works because — drum roll, please — astrology is not about guessing. Astrology is about being exact.

Why did the idea of ‘cusp’ signs become popular?

Oh! So you saw a hilarious meme or random article about being born on a cusp? Funny? Sure. Accurate? Hell-to-the-no.

In recent decades, the explosion of horoscope predictions and astrological articles hitting magazines, newspapers and blogs worldwide can at times be general, as the person who is creating them is looking at key planetary factors that will be affecting each zodiac sign by day, month or year. However, there have also been many people who are not actual astrologers who have stepped in to write these predictions — and they have neither the experience nor the knowledge to write these pieces. Some novice astrologers even employ guesswork when it comes to creating horoscopes, which is the antithesis of what astrology is about. Astrology uses the exact placement of the planets to understand how someone’s birth chart — or future predictions — are going to be assessed.

The Sun is the brightest force in our solar system and nothing can dim its light.
The Sun is the brightest force in our solar system and nothing can dim its light.

Why do people believe in ‘cusp’ signs?

While that may shatter some people’s visions of how they’ve been identifying themselves, the key to understanding astrology is to realize that no planet — especially not a luminary like the Sun — can be in two zodiac signs at the same time. Even for those who are born within 12 hours of the Sun’s shift from one sign to the next, who could be considered “born on a cusp” still only have one Sun sign — and this would not give them blended characteristics of both.

Because many people aren’t immediately aware of what their exact time of birth is, this can create some confusion and guesswork around how they identify. Knowing this information will help an astrology app, platform, or professional astrologer like myself to examine exactly where your Sun sign falls. While the dates that the Sun moves through the zodiac signs are generally the same, sometimes there can be a slight difference by the year.

Why do I feel like a ‘cusp’ sign?

If you’ve been an adamant believer in cusps your whole life (I, too, reflect back to my teens when I also believed I was born on a cusp), I’m sorry if this is a bitter pill to take. I’ve even had some of my celebrity clients and people worldwide try to debate me on this, but no: you cannot have two Sun signs. The Sun is the brightest force in our solar system and nothing can dim its light. However, there is a reason you may feel like the idea of cusps really relates…

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