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Fact check: Georgia candidate Herschel Walker is a serial promoter of false

Walker is not the only candidate for the Republican Senate nomination in Georgia to question the legitimacy of the 2020 results. But Walker has been particularly prolific and specific in his election-related dishonesty — and he has by far the biggest megaphone. Walker has uttered false conspiracy theories on both Fox News and on Twitter, where he has more than 445,000 followers.

And his dishonesty has not been limited to the subject of the election. Walker has also promoted false conspiracy theories about the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol and about Democrats.

Walker’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment for this article.

Conspiracy theories about the 2020 election

A false claim about Biden votes

During a Fox News appearance in December, Walker said, “I can guarantee you, Joe Biden didn’t get 50 million people voting for him. But yet people think that he’s won this election.”
Biden did win the election — with more than 81 million votes.

False claims of mass fraud

In a tweet on January 4, two days before Congress met to count the 2020 electoral votes, Walker falsely alleged that there was “Country wide election fraud.” Walker called for Trump and “TRUE PATRIOTS” to conduct a “total cleansing” — he didn’t explain what he meant — and continued, “Let’s get back to real Law & Order and prosecute all the bad actors. Whatever it takes to get the job done.”
Even senior officials from the Trump administration have acknowledged that there was no widespread or outcome-changing fraud in the 2020 election. But Walker repeatedly said or suggested that fraud was pervasive and that unspecified people had manipulated the election.
In a tweet on November 6, three days after Election Day, Walker wrote, “To be the man, you gotta beat the man, not CHEAT the man.” In a tweet on January 6, after the Capitol was attacked by pro-Trump rioters, Walker said he wanted Trump to get to the bottom of “who stole this election.”
Walker said on Twitter in December that Georgia should refuse to certify Biden’s victory there because of “serious Election Fraud,” asking in a video “how can we certify something that we know is not right.” In another tweet in November, Walker wrote that “people playing with this election need to be punished for breaking the law.”

A baseless call for a re-vote

In an additional November 6 tweet, Walker baselessly suggested that the results of the voting in seven key states, including six won by Biden, were undemocratic. He proposed that the country toss out all of the votes in these states.

“Instead of us fighting and going to court, why don’t we have Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin vote again? We can have it done within a week, and maintain our democracy,” he wrote.

A conspiracy theory about altered votes

On November 8, Walker tweeted, “Anyone using HAMMER SCORECARD to alter voting in our America election should be prosecuted.”

Nobody used anything called “HAMMER SCORECARD” to alter votes in the election. This is an entirely baseless conspiracy theory — about supposed vote-stealing software created by US intelligence — whose origins have been linked to a man with a history of false claims.
A Trump-appointed top cybersecurity official, Chris Krebs, called Hammer and Scorecard claims “a hoax,” “nonsense,” and “not a real thing” in the days before Walker’s tweet. (Trump fired Krebs less than two weeks later over his public debunkings of false fraud claims.)

The Dominion conspiracy theory and Sidney Powell

In late November, Walker tweeted that if pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell was correct “about some of our Elected Officials knowing about Dominion yet did nothing and said nothing..they need to resign their positions and never run for another office in the US and maybe some end up…

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