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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friendships Mean More Than Love During Part Of Fortune In

Beginning on August 29th when we see the Part of Fortune or Fortuna in Libra light up in astrological charts, we will be drawn to pay closer attention not to our romantic relationship but to our friendships.

This transit will be the strongest from August 29, 2021 to September 10, 2021.

Part of Fortuna is named for Fortuna, the Roman Goddess of money and good luck which means wherever this placement shows up in our charts and when it gets activated gives signs not just to how we will find material success but when.

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The traditional ruling planets for Part of Fortune are Venus in Libra, and Jupiter which represents how our relationships (Venus) with others determine the abundance that we are able to create (Jupiter) in this life.

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As we see planets enter the home signs for these planets, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces throughout the year we enter into extremely beneficial and potent times for our Part of Fortune which signifies the defining moments in our lives are just around the corner.

Life gets busy and as we get older, we tend to sometimes take for granted that the sisterhood we built will always be there for us, and while it will, we also need to learn that those relationships need as much TLC as any other in order to continue to grow.

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